Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mazda Working on Motor That Will Get 70 MPG

Mazda Motors is working on a fiendish new project. The goal is a traditional gas motor that will get 70 miles per gallon. The Ford Motor Business had a similar announcement with plans for a 45 mpg motor within the Focus. Neither engine is attached to a hybrid vehicle, but the engines do provide high efficiency within an internal combustion motor, though with improvements. The design uses advanced technology but some fairly basic principles.

Mazda engine to outperform hybrids

CNN reports that many have been talking about the newest Mazda engine. About 70 miles per gallon can be achieved with the prototype. If the car has a good price, than many individuals will be dying to get the car with that fuel consumption. Direct fuel injection and variable valve timing are the two technologies that the motor will be using. Fuel is injected right into the piston chamber instead of via a fuel injector on top of the block in direct injection which allows ignition to be more precise. Variable valve timing is where instead of mechanically set and unvarying valve operation, valves are automated via computer and adjusted into the most efficient rhythm. It is new technology that is being used. Of course, it is a really basic idea still.

The physics are simple

The science behind the Mazda motor and the 45 mpg Focus is pretty basic. Involved are two essential principles. Incorporated are mechanical efficiency and mechanical advantage. Mechanical efficiency is easy. It is, in order to perform, the energy expended in a ratio needed. Mechanical advantage involves the force coming from a machine in energy. The unit of energy being produced is what it is. The fuel efficiency in an engine could be better the better the mechanical advantage, or the power extracted from a unit of fuel, is.

Really doing it

Put simply, injecting gasoline in the right place at the right time will produce more force, and thus be more efficient, than traditional fuel injection. Efficiency also does better when there are things like turbocharged smaller engines. Hybrid technology is still just beginning out although it is a great technology. The traditional combustion engine is not a dead or dying technology, and it could be interesting to determine what can still be done with it.

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