Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tesla Motors Suing the BBC

Tesla Motors is suing the BBC, alleging the hosts of a BBC program, "Top Gear," committed libel in a show dealing with Tesla vehicles. The maker of the world’s fastest electric vehicle claims the show made false and malicious statements in an episode aired several years back. The show of the show dealt directly with the Tesla Roadster. The show’s hosts are known for being provocative, which is part of the shows’ notoriety. The British Broadcasting Corporation denies that Tesla was libeled in any way, shape or form.
How Tesla Motors feels about Jeremy Clarkson now
”Top Gear” is a popular English automotive show. The Tesla Roadster range claims were tested on the show airing on BBC3 in December 2008. The British Broadcasting Corporation is getting sued by Tesla Motors for the false assertions the program had in it after the show aired, The Guardian reports.
Clarkson is a “Top Gear” host that said the Tesla Roadster could not live up to its electrical charge claims of lasting 200 miles on the road. It died after 55 miles. The “Top Gear” crew was shown in the show pushing the vehicle from the “Top Gear” test track because the Roadster supposedly had engine and brake problems. Tesla was angry about this.
vehicle marker asserts false claims were made
The Roadsters never really ran out of charge on the “Top Gear” episode, Tesla claims. Neither of the automobiles lent for the show ever got down below 25 percent, Tesla claims. USA Today states that Tesla monitored the two cars being lent for the show. Tesla also asserts the brakes did not fail on one car as the show claimed, but a fuse controlling a component in the braking system failed, and the brakes would nevertheless have been sound.
Jeremy Clarkson, a host, said the Tesla Roadster can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four second while having "a motor the size of a watermelon, with one moving part," and saying the car is "an electric vehicle you would really want to buy."
Tesla really just wants the show to stop airing although it does not want much in monetary damages. Tesla has been upset about the show for a while, but began legal proceedings when the BBC refused to address the company’s concern over the claims made in the show, according to Forbes.
Not the first time in hot water
This is hardly the first controversy in which “Top Gear” has been involved. The show is known for difficulties while the hosts, Richard Hammond, James Might and Jeremy Clarkson, have been known for the rude and offensive comments they make. The show certainly displays an affinity for automobiles with severe horsepower and huge gas guzzling engines, however nearly every automotive TV program and publication in existence does also. There are over 300 million individuals in the world that watch "Top Gear." About 6 million of them are from Britain, reports Bloomberg.
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